Let the Best Name Win

Monday, November 4, 2013

BugMeNot... You can now create guest name projects

Do you hate it when sites ask you to signup first thing, before you even know what you're signing up for?

We do too.

This is why at BootName we show everything to guest users, and only ask them to login when they need to take action.

We are taking this to another level, you don't need to login or signup anymore to create a name project, by default, guest users can create guest projects, which are fully functional projects that are ready to be used.
You can even edit and manage your guest project as long as you keep that browser window that created it, and at any time in that browser window, you can login or signup to claim the project as forever yours. Get a taste of what a name project looks like before you signup! 

However, proposing names and voting on names still require users to login, this is - mostly - to protect projects from ugly automated spam, but we're working on a solution to enable guest participation as well.

What do you think about guest participation? should we make that an option? should it be moderated?
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