Let the Best Name Win

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Winning the Name Game

You know the Name Game -- that often dreaded experience of having to come up with a name for your latest project... today we are releasing some tools that we hope will help increase your chances of winning the Name Game.

Having the right name for your project is important. The right name gives you something to rally around, it gives you vision for the future and it ultimately helps attract others to your mission.

I've been a part of countless naming sessions for books, companies, startups, products, non-profits, kids, you name it -- and while it is often a fun process, it is often one of the more stressful and expensive exercises that humans undertake.

I've seen startups spin our for months about what to call their company. I've seen relationships ruined over arguments over names. And in the end, people still often pick something they hate. You'd be surprised how many musicians hate the name of their band.

Choosing the correct name can also be more profitable as Tim Ferriss famously pointed out with his split testing of the Four Hour Work Week with Google ads.
But how to really come up with the right name?

Here is the basic process that BootName.com will help you automate.

  1. Brainstorm names
  2. Evaluate names on a number of different criteria
  3. Determine top performers
  4. Choose

We have provided tools so you can create a naming project, invite trusted partners, friends, fans and customers to help (you can also solicit feedback from the community of BootName users). First your group will brainstorm names and then they will be asked to score each of the names on 9 different criteria (free accounts have a basic voting system). Once the results are in, you can tweak the scoring algorithm to your liking and select your winner.
We hope this helps save you some time and money and helps you find a kick ass name for your next project.

Looking forward to your feedback and success!
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